Meesho Lucky Draw Winner Real or Fake

Meesho fraud lucky draw and Meesho frauds cases
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We are here after a long time but we have always kept an eye on every aspect here so today we are with you thought of sharing new and important updates. Today we will focus on Meesho lucky draw winner real or fake, Meesho anniversary lucky draw 2024 registration, Meesho prize Money real or fake, Meesho lucky draw letter fake or real, Meesho Lucky Draw scam, meesho scratch and win real or fake, Meesho scratch card winner original or fake, Meesho scratch card real or fake, and more. Whose information you will get in detail below, so read all the lines closely without skipping or missing. We assure you that you will get useful information here which will increase your awareness.

As we know that Meesho is one of the oldest e-commerce platforms that provides the best quality services as well as it started first-time home delivery services in the country. After the mega-success, the company started a lucky draw contest for all customers and it has been popular in the market but after some time the company faces a big issue that is scam/fraud the name of this lucky draw contest. The company has made every effort to stop and eliminate it from the root and the work is going on to eliminate it even further but along with it, the company always and every time works to make its customers aware. Regarding this, today we have brought this post in front of you, after reading it you will get a lot of information related to the Meesho Lucky Draw scam and fraud. Without delaying you, we try to explain every aspect to you topic-wise. Still, if you have any problem with this question in your mind, then you can get all the information by Calling Meesho Prize Helpline Number.

Meesho scratch card real or fake

Meesho organizes anniversaries through which Meesho customers get scratch cards. Meesho Scratch and Win cards are sent to the customer’s registered address through post. Meesho Scratch and Win is completely legal through which Meesho promotes its product as much as possible If you have any scratch card or scratch and win card in the name of Meesho, then Please verify whether it is real or fake, you can verify it by contacting the Meesho prize Department Helpline +91-8918584284 Number. Meesho organizes an anniversary in which 10 customers win prizes, scratch-and-win cards, cars, cash, bikes, laptops, etc. You can check the Meesho Scratch Card Winner List 2024 if you have received the prize because your name will not be made public until you receive the prize. If you want to verify whether Meesho Scratch and Win is fake or real, then it is absolutely true that Meesho Scratch and Win cards are completely legitimate and legal. If you have received Meesho’s 7th, and 8th-anniversary scratch cards or letters, for verification it’s really then please call our helpline number.

Meesho fraud, Meesho Lucky Draw fraud, Meesho frauds in india, fraud Meesho

Meesho Prize Winner Real or Fake | Meesho Prize Money

In most of the complaint cases, it has been found that you get Meesho fraud calls or Meesho fake calls in the name of lucky draw and it is said that you have won lucky draw or lucky price from Meesho which you have to pay some registration fee to get it. These all calls are wrong and they mislead you every time so you should not respond and complain to us so that we take action fast. Lucky draw fake calls and Lucky draw winning prize fake calls are always harmful to your wealth so be careful about these types of activities and please do not any respond to these calls and you must file a complaint against lucky draw fake call to Meesho complaint office.

Details Meesho Lucky Draw fraud Meesho Lucky Draw scams
Manoj Kumar I have lost my 25,000 rupees the name of Meesho Lucky Draw Someone cheats me twenty five thousand by online transaction
Susmita Devi 21 December 2024: I have received a call from Meesho and I have paid 10,000 rupees for the lucky draw winner I have won 25 Lakhs lucky draw prize and paid a registration charge of 10000 rupees
Devendra Singh I have lost my 2.5 lakhs on receiving my lucky draw prize and still, they demand money, please help me I have won a lucky draw prize and paid 2.5 lakhs by online transaction but still, my amount is not credited to my account
Ahmad Khan A fraudster call me and told me that I have won a tata safari in Meesho Lucky Draw 1st winning prize I have received a call and they told me I won the first prize of Meesho Lucky Draw and get the money for receiving the prize

If you are facing any type of issue or problem then you can complain to us and we will take legal action as soon as possible. We are now online complaint option then choose this one and get a fast and secure response from the Meesho complaint head office.

Complain Now

Meesho Lucky Draw Letter - Meesho Prize Money Real or Fake

“Congratulation, you have won the Meesho Lucky Draw Contest and you win 1st prize in Tata Safari. If you want to get the car then you have to register your name and get your prize money. Please contact us on this number or Whatsapp.”

You can see that above the format of Fake SMS of lucky draw. These types of SMS are fake and they always mislead you and you may be lost your money. So you should take any action on this type of message and you should register a complaint to us. We will check all aspects and take legal action as soon as possible. We assure you that you will get better solutions from other departments because of the best e-commerce platform along with lots of experts for these types of fraud cases. Similarly, you can also get the same message through email, so whether you get such details through message or mail then immediately take action against it and do not reply to any such message.

Meesho Lucky Draw scam & Meesho lottery scam

First of all, we would like to say that Meesho has never played the lottery game, so if you receive any type of message and there you will get the winning prize of the lottery then it is fake and someone tries to cheat you. Meesho lottery fraud and Meesho lottery scams are now very popular because 7 out of 10 people have been receiving this type of massage but now you do not need to panic and hesitate in this type of activity because we are here for you and you can get the solution and recover your lost money without any hassle. You have to do something when you are facing any type of issue that is, you need to register your complaint or communicate with our expert via phone call then they will guide you best way and try to resolve your issue fast.

Meesho fake prizes and Meesho fake winners list

We know that many ways to cheat people and most fraudsters now try these types of activities. You can guess that without participating in any lucky draw how can you win any prize or how can your name come on the winner list? You need to think about this. Only then you should reply to any such mail or SMS. We always try to keep our custom end-users aware of all kinds of wrong activities so that they can keep both their health and wealth safe.

Meesho is a very big company that is waving its flag not only in India but all over the world in terms of e-commerce. In such a situation, it is inevitable to have the wrong thing in the name of such a big company, but we also assure you that we are always ready to save you from all kinds of troubles. If you have been a victim of any kind of fraud or you feel that some fraud is going to happen to you, then in any such situation, you can contact us. We are ready to try your best.

Dear customers, we always try to do our best and hope you get the best information about scams and fraud related to the lucky draw contest. As we are seeing, crime is increasing very fast not only in India but all over the world and the governments there are trying their best to stop it yet this thing is increasing. In such a situation we should be careful from all kinds of wrong activities and also tell others about it so that our near or family members do not become victims of any such incident. The scam is a process which is done in the name of big companies or famous brands because by doing these people get into their talk very soon and fraudsters can easily make such people dance on their fingers and earn a lot of money from them.

You should be absolutely careful with any such SMS, call, or mail about which all the information has been given above. If someone calls you or receives any information through SMS informing you that you have won the lucky draw price or you are the first prize winner of the lucky draw prize winner then any such message or call do not give a response and against this, you come to us and register your complaint. On the other hand, if there has been a fraud with you in which you have been cheated a lot in the name of Meesho then in such a situation, you should come here and file your complaint and we will try our best to recover your lost money and action will be taken against such people soon.


Do not respond to any type of call or SMS that comes in the name of Meesho Lucky Draw to your mail or number and report any such incident to the Meesho Complaint Office immediately. So that you as well as other people can be safe from all these things and if you have been a victim of any scam or fraud lucky draw then now contact us with all the information. We will definitely help you in this accident that happened to you and we will try our best to bring back whatever money you have lost.

Still, you have any doubts or questions then you can contact the complaint expert anytime. We have more than a hundred experts for only doing these types of issues and complaints. So without any delay, you can contact us online.

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