Participate in Meesho Lucky Draw 2024 - Apply online & Win

Participate in Meesho Lucky Draw 2024 - Apply online & Win
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We are the company that started an online delivery facility in India as well as the world. Meesho is success online shopping company. Here you can shop almost everything like books, dresses, electronic products, beauty products, and more. Meesho huge marketplace in this category. Many online companies compare products with us but we are at the top because we always care about our quality then we are still in position.

After getting huge success Meesho starts an online lucky draw contest. Shortly after its launch, this contest started gaining popularity. So if you are still away from this then join us immediately and play Meesho online lucky draw contest. We have shared some important topics below about a lucky draw then you must see them once.

About Meesho Lucky Draw Contest

Meesho is the only e-commerce company with more than 500 million customers worldwide. We have made a name for ourselves in the online world and have gained trust in our customers. Here you can see from everyday necessities to fashion, health, electronics, beauty care, and more products. Meesho has always delivered quality products to its customers which is the reason Meesho's customer list has doubled every month.

Seeing such success and being happy with its success, the company started a lucky draw contest for its customers by playing which you can win prize and lot of money as well. Only a few months after it started, many customers participated in it. Meesho Lucky Draw is a contest launched to make our customers happy everyone can play this contest. It has some terms and conditions which you should read first. If you are a regular buyer of Meesho then the company gives you more chance to win this lucky draw because Meesho online shopping lucky draw is the easiest contest for which customers who purchase regularly the product from us. So what is the delay participate in a lucky draw 2024 and win mega prizes.

How to apply or participate in Meesho Lucky Draw Contest 2024

There are 3 ways to apply to Meesho Lucky Draw contest this year. All 3 steps are below:

Apply Meesho lucky by Online This is the very easiest way to apply to Meesho lucky contest, simply have to visit a lucky draw website and fill up the online participation form and submit it.
Apply Meesho lucky by Offline You need to visit the Meesho Lucky Draw branch of your city and all procedures will be done there by the company branch or head office.
Apply Meesho lucky by By Post If you do not choose online and offline ways then there are other steps to apply in Meesho Lucky Draw contest, which is by post. You need to send your application form by post with your documents.

Now Started Meesho Lucky Draw 2024

Any customer who wants to participate in this Meesho Lucky Draw contest 2024, should register their name today without delay because this contest will be closed soon due to the arrival of lots of new applications, so do not let this opportunity go by hand and register your form today.

If you are ready to fill the online form then go to our website and there you will see an apply lucky draw button. Click on it then a form will appear in front of you which you have to fill in properly and you have to submit after filling in all the details. You should pay special attention to the fact that due to many new applications coming in the company, your online lucky draw form can remain pending for a long time, and if the form which is pending for more than 7 days is rejected by the company then you should that after you apply Meesho Lucky Draw form has to be approved for which you have to talk to our customer care executive who will review your online lucky draw form and approve it. So without delay, apply and then get it approved by calling.

Dear users, this is a golden chance for you. Do not let it go or ignore it because Meesho never starts this type of contest every year, so participate in an online lucky draw contest and win exited prizes and their amount.

Participate Now

End this contest "Meesho Lucky Draw 2024"

The last year we have received more than 1 crore Meesho online lucky draw forms. Lots of customer win prizes and 1st winner, 2nd winner, and 3rd winner has to win mega prizes. So Meesho Lucky Draw 2020 ends in the last week of November 2020. You can see the complete list of Meesho winners here or if you want to know more names of winners then you can send a request to winners name of Meesho and then the company will email you all names of lucky draw winners.

We know that many customers have missed this contest or their form due to filling in wrong details or they have not approved their lucky draw form of Meesho for a long time due to which their form may have been rejected. So those people do not need to worry much because Meesho starts this contest every year and we are very happy to inform you that this year's Meesho Lucky Draw contest has begun. So without delay register your name today here.

What is the requirement to participate in a Meesho online lucky draw

When you apply Meesho online lucky draw then Meesho Company may ask for some documents like your identity proof card as well as PAN card. The company does not need any documentation process in the lucky draw contest but when your name wins any prize then it is compulsory to verify the winner's identity. One of the main reasons for verifying the identity of the winners is so that your winning prize does not fall into the wrong hands, due to which the company verifies the name by which the lucky draw is applied before transferring the price or amount of the price instead. This is the reason why we always inform our customers that you fill the lucky draw form with the same name that is present in your document because if any difference is found in the name of your application form and the name present in the document, then the company will not consider you valid and you will not be able to get your price. So please fill in your name and address carefully in the application form so that you do not have to face any such problem while receiving the prize.

What are Meesho Lottery and Meesho Jackpot draw

Meesho Lucky Draw is also known as Meesho Lottery and Meesho Jackpot Draw. It is known by many different names in many places. There is nothing to be worried about whether you call it by any name, it does only one thing, that is to play an online lucky draw jackpot contest but there is a difference between a lottery and a lucky draw. A lottery is called that in which you can invest and win some price but this does not happen at all in lucky draws. Here you can win millions without investing anything although it is a different matter that you incur some charges for participating in it. The only purpose of taking processing charge is that the company takes out a lucky draw in your name, in which the company incurs some cost this is the reason why the company charges you some amount in the name of processing or registration. The company does not charge you any additional charge. If your price amount is very big or your amount is more than 10 Lakhs, then to receive it, the government takes some of its taxes and RTGS charge which is paid by the company to the government. It may happen that if the company pays you these charges, then there is no need for you to worry because your amount is so big that the government collects income tax from you, which is valid for the whole year and you do have not to pay any taxes further.

I have received a Meesho Lucky Draw letter

Congrats to you, It appears that you have won the lucky draw contest whose letter you have received but here you have to pay attention to whether you had participated in any such lucky draw contest or you got a call asking you to participate in the lucky draw. If none of these things have happened, then you have to be careful here because many such agencies and companies on the internet are duping people in the name of Meesho. Only those people get this letter from those who had participated in the Meesho Lucky Draw contest or had ever done any online shopping from Meesho so that the company would have got their name taken from there and participated in the lucky draw. If you have never done any online shopping from Meesho nor have you applied online lucky draw by visiting our website then beware of such letters. The people who sent you or you may have wrong intentions and you may fall into the wrong hands. If any such activity goes with you, then contact us immediately and provide all the information to us so that we can help you as soon as possible.


We suggest you do not waste your time and miss this golden chance and participate in the online lucky draw contest 2024 and if you feel any wrong activity with you then contact us immediately. We have shared important topics here but still, you have any questions or doubts then you can ask with the customer care of Meesho Lucky Draw department.

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